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About Us

Goldman Agency: Origin Story

If you are content with your marketing strategies and if you think you are earning enough money for your masterpiece, you can stop reading right here. Go ahead and close this window and keep doing what you are doing…

Well, since you’ve decided not to stop reading, let me tell you what we are. We are meant for innovative and broad-minded authors. And if you are one of the authors who don’t settle at the boundary and have the passion for continuous improvements, rest assured, you’ve come into the right place.

Our products and services are not the ones you’re used to. They are fresh, sophisticated, and authentic. For one, they are featured in leading publications worldwide. Next, they are endorsed by renowned best-selling authors. Finally, they have been aspired by many prominent self-published writers.

With a vision of becoming the center of excellence in the book marketing industry, our team tops the market as a team that passionately works in a timely manner to make the most of your publications. In Goldman Agency, there’s a place for everything. No matter what stories you’ll bring to us, through our careful testing, they go to the right people who genuinely need your books.

Our products and services are priceless. We don’t base them with money, no, never. We are here because we love what we’re doing and we provide what works best for you. Your investment is not put to waste. We care for your growth. Thus, we use quality materials and ingenious marketing procedures that would provide promising results. And most importantly, we are more than happy to go the extra mile with the right and affordable investment from you.

How did we get to where we are now?

Looking back ten years ago, we started small but with a big goal in mind – to revolutionize the self-publishing and book industry. With 20 years of expertise in business, marketing, data science, and book publishing, we’ve worked with the biggest agencies and book companies. We realized that the old marketing strategies, media, and channels have to be changed. So, we took a leap of faith. With courage, strength, and one goal in mind, we knew we needed to bring new ideas for better services into the industry. We are well aware of the core market which are retail, traditional publishing, and Hollywood. We heard the authors’ loud cry for change. As a result, Goldman Agency came into existence.

We’re here not only to fill your pockets with God’s blessing but, also, we’re here to build connections and relationships. We listen to the authors’ problems, provide specific solutions, and we are open to suggestions because we believe that family is not only expressed through, but also through passion. We’re here because you’re here. Improving your book marketing strategies by giving you the best information and resources available is our job.

What is Your Future with Goldman Agency?

It simply means promoting your book in the most creative way and making the most of your story. With that being said, every product and service you purchase from us is absolutely the best and one of a kind for each book you promote.

Our services will do the job for you with the right and affordable price to bring about the results that you’re looking for.

Goldman Agency – never settle and find extraordinary results!

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