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How to find a literary agent for your book representation?

In today’s market, probably 80% of self-published authors get rejected by different literary agents. In fact, we know that self-publishing requires your full-time attention and involves multiple risks. How could you be ready for this if it’s not the only thing you are committed to doing? You need to find a book agent team that has one goal, and that is to provide you with a literary agent for representation. These agents are experts in the publishing industry and represent the interest of their clients. Most importantly, these experts can secure the best possible book deal for you. They negotiate their marketing agreements while ensuring your rights. However, the question is, which companies should you contact? And that is why we are here for you, for us to extend our helping hands.

With the fast-growing technology resources in this digital era, it is easier for self-publishing authors to browse on the internet to find their network in marketing their books. But, how big is the number of your fan base to create traffic? Maybe you have an enticing platform to reach out to a broader network but you haven’t found the right approach to a literary agent.

We know how it feels when you get rejected over and over again even if you’ve seen that your book deserves to be recognized. We’ve done this kind of process. We have felt your pain and frustration. We believe that you can’t self-publish your books forever, and that is why we are opening our doors for you.

Are all agents created equally?

The answer probably depends on how you perceive it. Some agents are not good for every book they represent. All you need is an agent team of career-long advisers and managers that would position your book because they believe you are a prolific author. In that way, there is a high possibility that you won’t get rejected again with the help of your book agent to provide you a literary agent who will add value to your masterpiece. It would be our greatest achievement to have you in our next success story.

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