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Everything you need to know about retail:

Most self-published authors want to place their books in a bookstore to sell either online or traditionally. Are you looking for a good one? Probably, we all have the desire to see our book in one of the bookstores worldwide. Imagine your book was put on display and people will click and buy while you are just doing nothing for hard selling.

Doing retail in the book business can help you learn how to create a buyer’s persona to enhance your marketing strategy. However, it requires you to be more self-aware because it can be stressful in getting booksellers to position your book to be placed on the bookshelf.

In today’s generation, working alone doesn’t sound effective to sell a lot of your books. You also have to look for a marketplace and company which could be beneficial for independent booksellers whose ways of living are in the realm of business.

Our goal is to help and work with you in your campaign to do research, to recommend you to a wide variety of readers, and to have expected strategic-driven results. We created this project to help you out in placing your book in an online bookstore which acts as a central database to interact with various book buyers.

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