We collect information from you and may use and disclose such in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the state of Wyoming. Kindly take some time to read and review it.

Here is a list of information routinely collected and stored when you visit or view our website:

  • The name of the domain from which you accessed the Internet;
  • The IP address from which you accessed the Goldman website;
  • The date and time you access our site;
  • The type of browser and operating system used to access the Goldman website;
  • The pages you visit;
  • If you linked to the Goldman website from another website, the address of the originating site.

We use the said information solely for maintaining, evaluating, and improving our site by analyzing statistics. From what you provide, we can deduce what users like you need and like, what kind of technology you often use, how often you visit, etc.

Information You Provide

In the case that you send us feedback through any of the platforms mentioned above, the personal information you provide will be placed on our mailing list, or used only for the purpose/s you state. We collect such information only to respond to your requests. Note that we do not share that information with others, and we do not collect information for commercial marketing.


Our Limited License to You. We provide to you free access to this website and the materials/content therein for your personal, non-commercial use. Note, however, that all materials from and available via this website belong to us and are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property (IP) laws. We do not assume responsibility for any errors or omissions in the materials contained in the website. In addition, we are not responsible for any content posted or transmitted to this site by any third-party. Furthermore, any such content from the third-party does not necessarily reflect our positions or beliefs.

You may print and display any information you get from this website for your personal, non-commercial use but you may not reproduce any of the materials or content without our prior formal written consent. This also means that you may not distribute copies of any content found on this website via any form (including through electronic means, or email) without our prior written permission. You may request for permission to distribute or reproduce materials from our website by emailing:

To maintain this website, there may be some periodic system downtime or outages may occur leading to the non-functionality of this website. We will not be held responsibility for the temporary or indefinite unavailability of our website or for any loss of data, revenues, profits, and/or damages experienced due to the said controlled or uncontrolled outages and/or scheduled maintenance.

Your License to Us.
When submitting material to us, you declare that you are the owner of such content, or delegated with explicit consent by the owner as their representative. When you send us feedback or provide us material which may be seen on our website, we may reproduce, distribute, and modify such material to fit our purpose. You also acknowledge that we, Goldman, may identify you as the author or owner of any of your postings as we deem appropriate; in doing so, we may use your screen name, email address, or name.

In the event that we find on our website any inappropriate, offensive, false, harassing, libelous and unlawful postings, we reserve the right but assume no liability to erase, edit, or move such whether for legal or other reasons.

Though you are free to create a hyperlink to this site, you may do so provided that you do not imply nor expressly indicate that we sponsor your site.

No Framing.
With respect to our IP, you may not frame any of the content found in our official website without securing a prior written permission from us.

Logos, trade names, trademarks and other IP property owned by Goldman are our property and therefore cannot be used without our prior express written permission.

All materials found in our website which includes but is not limited to texts, images, photographs, sound files, videos, and software are protected by copyright laws. Thus. they may not be reproduced, distributed, republished, sold, transmitted, broadcasted, displayed, or exploited in any way without our prior explicit written permission.

In the case that the content is licensed by us from or provided by third-parties, consent must be sought from the copyright holder of such licensed content. Unauthorized use of content may be violative of established laws on copyright and trademark. If you violate these Terms of Use, you will lose access to this website.

Infringement of IP rights on this website is not tolerated. If you believe that any content or material found on this site belongs to you and is improperly posted, or infringes your IP rights or copyright, please contact us via this email
We accept advertisements and also reserve the right to reject, revise, edit, or reclassify them. All ads are subject to Goldman’s current policies as delineated here. We do not knowingly accept nor allow ads that may be discriminatory in any aspect and we are not liable for any such error or omission. Our liability for an error shall not exceed the cost of the space occupied by such mistake, and in no event shall our liability be greater than what you paid for using our classified ads services. Note that we shall not issue any refund once the publication deadline has passed.

Personal Advertisements

These websites may collect data about you, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor your interaction with that You ascertain that you are 18 years or older when availing or our personal advertising service. As a community-oriented website, all content and advertisements found herein must be friendly and appropriate to all. We may reject personal ads advertising sexual activities or promoting online dating or relationships, among other indecent activities. In the case that the personal advertising section is used for anything illegal, this will be subject to prosecution. We are utterly not liable for any content under the personal ads section nor the responses to such promotions. All users are asked to be adequately cautious when responding to the ads and arranging personal meetups.

Employment Advertisements

We screen job advertisements by checking their legitimacy. We do not allow our company to accept much less promote any discriminating or illegal offers. If you notice any abusive, discriminatory, or illegal job postings here, please let us know by emailing:


As much as we do our best to provide you with the best browsing experience for your personal and non-commercial use, we cannot and do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, fitness, or non-infringement of any information contained in our website.
We also disclaim that the opinions, views, and principles expressed by the authors published in our website do not necessarily represent our own. We do not necessarily endorse nor recommend any commercial services, products, or services mentioned in our website.

We are not liable for any injury, or damages that occur due to circumstances beyond our control including unauthorized access, identity/information theft, system failure, and the like. We also disclaim that we are not to be held responsible for any illegal, infringing, offensive, or defamatory content, conduct, or material by its users and that of third-parties and we have the right to delete such inappropriate postings from our website.
Note that any information was valid at the time of its publication on our website. We reserve the right to improve, edit, or change at any time — with or without notice — any of this information and without liability for the damages that may be incurred because of discrepancies, omissions, or errors.

Access to this website and its features if provided to you freely, but this does not guarantee that it is error-free. We are not liable for any results of any technical defects that may happen while you are browsing our website and/or using its features.

Use at Your Own Risk. You browse this website and use its content at your own risk. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any loss or damage incurred resulting from your use of any material, content or service from and through this website. You are responsible for checking attachments for viruses and other harmful elements when you download any of our content or browse our website. We do not and cannot screen every public post made on our website; thus, you are advised to critically and carefully treat such posts.

Limitations on Our Liability.

We, including our licensors, agents, or affiliates are under no circumstances liable to you or anyone else for any damages or loss resulting from your navigation of this website or utilization of any of its available features. This includes but is not limited to indirect, incidental, special, similar, or consequential damages. You acknowledge that any liability of Goldman, its licensors, agents, or affiliates shall not be more than what you paid for using the service of this website.


You agree to indemnify and not hold us, our licensors, agents, or affiliates, accountable for any and all claims and costs that may result from using any service, content, material, or information from this website.


Our website grants you a wide array of services. You may use them to directly interact with others while maintaining integrity and discretion. We can refuse access to these services to any user who violates this visitor agreement. We are also entitled to — without assuming any obligation — edit, move, or discard any postings which we deem inappropriate for whatever reason. We abide by the governing law when it comes to the disclosure of messages to others. You are specifically deprived access to any communication tools if you do any of the following unacceptable activities:

  1. posting, sharing, uploading any obscene, abusive, harmful, or unlawful content, among others;
  2. imitating any other person or otherwise lying about your affiliation with another
  3. forging and manipulating content you post to hide their origin;
  4. posting, sharing, or divulging any confidential and proprietary information you do not
    possess a right to make available as governed by law or any contract, or fiduciary
  5. posting, sharing, or making available any content that compromises or infringes any
    other person’s or party’s copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or proprietary right;
  6. collecting email addresses posted by the users on the public section or communication
    tools, for the purpose of “spamming”;
  7. posting, sharing, or making available any materials for advertising that are in fact
    unauthorized or unsolicited without Goldman’s express written consent;
  8. posting, sharing, or making available any harmful elements lie viruses, worms, bugs
    that will delay, limit, interrupt, and even destroy the functionality and availability of our
  9. disrupting the servers or networks used to operate our website;
  10. introducing any irrelevant topic or material to any communication tool or public
    section of our website;
  11. not adhering to any laws from local to international scope regarding the transmission
    of data;
  12. harassing another uses — this includes stalking;
  13. collecting and/or storing personal data about other users;
  14. inciting others to commit a crime or illegal activities;
  15. using means not intentionally made available via this website to obtain or try to obtain information, or materials;
  16. hacking our system to gain unauthorized access to our website, and other similar illicit activities

Registration Information

Users are asked to provide certain information to make use of our certain services or features. Those who transact in our website may also be requested for information lie name, age, sex, email address, credit card number, etc). Note that collecting such information can help us tailor-fit and improve our website to better suit your needs. Granting us these needed information is part of the registration process. Remember that supplying such information is voluntary.


Aiming to contextualize and make Goldman’s website more responsive and engaging to its users and visitors, we may use cookies. They are utilized to store information that is unique to every visitor. This information includes and remembers the visitor’s preferences, and is then stored. Know that the use of cookies does not automatically reveal your identity but is used by the system to access our website.

IP Addresses.

Whenever you visit our sites, our servers automatically check and collect information regarding your connection and IP address; again, these alone do not reveal your identity to us.

Disclosure of Information

We do not reveal any identifying information provided by advertisers in our website, but may use this information to study and compare it with the data from others.

Vendors and service providers.
To diversify and improve our website, we may coordinate and collaborate with other providers in some of our website’s features. In the event that this happens, the information collected for that specific feature will also be disclosed and shared to the respective third-party collaborator.

Statistical information.
Most of the information we gather from your visit and use of our website become part of our research material to analyze how we can deliver a much better user experience. Such information is aggregated with other information but does not contain any feature that distinguishes and identifies you. Depending on the need, we might share that aggregate information to third-parties.

Sites to which we link.
Though our website may contain links to other websites or services from third parties, the use of any information you grant is governed by that other website’s operator or owner.

Other disclosures.
In the event that our company is acquired by or merged with another, information collected from you would be part of the transferred assets.

Storage of Information

We store all information in our secured/encrypted database. Despite that, we would like you to acknowledge that no security system is flawless and we cannot guarantee that any data you provide us will not be intercepted as it is being transmitted via the Internet.

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